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December 2022: Remembering to Be Grateful

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October 2022: Q3 Economic Update and Focusing on the Long-Term

September 2022: Proactive Tax Planning

August 2022: Foundational Tips for Financial Success

July 2022: Bear Territory and Q2 2022 Economic Update

June 2022: Understanding Rising Interest Rates

May 2022: Market Downturns

April 2022: Q1 2022 Economic Update

March 2022: Proactive Planning for the SECURE Act

February 2022: Proactive Tax Planning Strategies

February 2022 Special Issue: Market Volatility

January 2022: Q4 Economic Update and 2022 Investor Outlook

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October 2021: Mixed Results for Q3

September 2021: Anticipating Rising Interest Rates

August 2021: Financial Factors You Can Control

July 2021: Should You Worry About Inflation?

June 2021 Market Volatility

May 2021 Proactive Tax Planning

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March 2021 IRA Retirement Strategies

February 2021 Proactive Tax Strategies

Q4 2020 Economic Update

November 2020 Post Presidential Election Financial Planning Strategies

October 2020 Quarterly Economic Update

September 2020 Strategic Tax Planning Guide

August 2020 Interest Rate & Investor Update

July 2020 Quarterly Economic Update


June 2020 SECURE Act and Proactive Retirement Planning

May 2020 Newsletter on Traditional and Roth IRAs

April 2020 Quarterly Economic Review

Tips for Surviving Market Volatility During COVID-19

February 2020 Tax Strategies

January 2020 Quarterly Economic Update

November 2019 Year-End Tax Report

October 2019 Quarterly Economic Update

September 2019 Economic Update

August 2019 Monthly Economic Update

July 2019 Quarterly Economic Update

June 2019 Monthly Economic Update

May 2019 Monthly Economic Update

April 2019 Quarterly Economic Update

01/2019 Monthly Economic Update

12/2018 Year End Tax Report

11/2018 Quarterly Economic Update

09/2018 Monthly Economic Update

08/2018 Quarterly Economic Update

07/2018 Monthly Economic Update

06/2018 Monthly Economic Update

04/2018 Quarterly Economic Update

03/2018 1st Quarter Tax Report

01/2018 Quarterly Economic Update

12/2017 Year End Tax Report

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