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Our Strategy

“JFL Total Wealth Management is dedicated to providing total wealth management, a complete look at your financial picture without leaving out the essentials. By walking with you every step of the way, we hope to build a solid foundation for your financial future.”

- Jerry Lynch, CFP® CLU ChFC
President and Founder of JFL Total Wealth Management Inc.


Financial planning is not just about financial products; it is about developing a plan that works in a variety of different situations. Once we develop a plan that you feel comfortable with, we will begin to look for the right products that make the plan work. Our strategy is sound, tactical, and realistic. We never start a plan with financial products; we start with you!


Our experienced team of professionals fully evaluates your financial situation to prepare personal and custom financial solutions that integrate investment planning, tax reduction planning, retirement income and distribution planning, and family wealth planning. We then schedule to meet with you on a regular basis to discuss and update your financial situation.


We pride ourselves in our constant calendars of client services and regular client communications to keep you informed of everything from economic news to appropriate tax law, estate planning rule updates, retirement saving conversion changes, and any other relevant financial events that we think you should be aware of.

Essentially, we use a “hands-on" approach to financial guidance. Not only are our team members knowledgeable, but our staff truly cares about making your dreams a reality. We keep our clients focused on where they want to go, advise them on how to get there, and continually remind them of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing their dreams.