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Financial Support for Individuals During COVID-19 Emergency

With the vast majority of Americans now mandated to “shelter in place,” record-breaking unemployment filings in recent weeks, and a volatile stock market, many individuals are unsure what financial control they still have. 

We recommend the following:

  • Keep you and your family safe
  • Evaluate your cash flow and budget
  • Take the time to stay connected to your friends and family via Facetime, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc.
  • Work with your financial planner to:
    • Rebalance your accounts
    • Focus on the silver lining: BUY LOW, SELL HIGH
    • Review your overall tax planning strategies
    • Review emergency fund needs
    • Fund retirement accounts
    • Prepare to weather the storm and take advantage of the rebound


The CARES Act of 2020

The stimulus package passed by Congress on March 27th provides the following for individuals and families:


Here are a few online tools to check if and when you may receive an Economic Impact Payment:


Click here to view the on-demand JFL webinar “Decoding the CARES Act” to learn additional options for individuals and families.