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Corporate Retirement Plans

Does Your Company Have The Right Retirement Plan?

With the endless fund choices, complex plan designs and a myriad of legal and fiduciary requirements, how do you tackle this important question?

 At JFL Total Wealth Management, we are dedicated to helping business owners and executives at small-to mid-sized companies improve the effectiveness of their retirement plans. We recognize and embrace that all businesses are not created equally—you, your employees and your business goals are unique, and therefore we provide tailored, creative solutions and informative education opportunities to ensure that owners, management and employees are on the right track for their retirements.

We understand that when you own a business or are in a leadership position, the retirement plan that your company chooses not only affects the company and its employees, but also you personally.  

Click here to learn more about JFL’s unique approach to helping corporate clients, as illustrated in Jerry Lynch's selection as 401(k) Specialist Magazine’s December 2019 TAPO Advisor of the Month.

How JFL Helps Simplify the Complexities

Navigating the complex financial landscape of retirement plans requires a qualified, unbiased and experienced advisor.  As an independent retirement planning advisor for more than 22 years, we understand the concerns and challenges our clients face on a daily basis.  JFL can assist you and your employees with:

Our Services

  • Investment recommendations and monitoring, helping you select and monitor the plan’s investment options, replacing them as needed.
  • Free benchmarking so you can be sure that fees are reasonable, and the services you receive for those fees are appropriate.
  • Vendor selection: We can help you determine which vendors are appropriate for your plan, including proposal strategy and evaluation of responses.
  • Employee education – when employees are engaged in the learning process, they are more likely to make good investment decisions. We can help educate them in a way that encourages action.
  • Compliance and fiduciary servicesa strong system for the governance of the plan is critical to its ongoing success. As a 3(21) fiduciary, we help create the necessary systems, help the plan run smoothly and with the bounds of the law.
  • Plan design consulting – we can consult with you about plan design elements that may help increase participation and savings, thereby helping employees become successful retirees.
  • Newsletters and regular communication for plan trustees and employees to keep you apprised of key legislation, upcoming deadlines and general tips for proactive retirement saving.  Click here to view our Plan Trustee-focused newsletter and employee-centric monthly newsletters.


We know that you likely already have a plan in place, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the right plan for you, your business and your employees. If you have any doubts about your corporate retirement plan, we would be happy to meet with you and provide a general review to address potential issues or whether your plan has been set up correctly.

Remember, even if you already have a financial advisor, a second opinion never hurts. Feel free to contact us using the form or call our office at (973) 439-1190.

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