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The Complete Approach To Planning

The Complete Approach To Planning

Our process incorporates comprehensive strategies to help create true wealth. 

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Our Story

Our experienced professionals dedicate their expertise to your continued success.

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Our Strategy

We believe effective financial planning starts with you, your goals, and your best interests.

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Our Services

Through our holistic approach to planning, we integrate all areas of your financial life.

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Our Standards

As an independent firm and 3(21) fiduciary, we always work ethically to maximize our personal and corporate clients’ financial plans.

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Your Business Ally

We are more than just an advisor; we are your ally while navigating the complexities of corporate financial plans.

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Not Your Typical New Jersey Financial Advisor

At JFL Total Wealth Management, we specialize in helping our clients manage and create true wealth. While it is very rare and difficult to become wealthy in the stock market, that remains the primary service offered by the majority of financial advisors.

We’re not your typical financial planning firm. Located in Northern New Jersey and led by Jerry Lynch, CFP®, we take a comprehensive approach that aligns your investment and estate plans on a foundation of proactive tax-planning. It’s not about paying less than you owe; it’s about properly positioning the ownership of your assets and timing transactions so you never pay more than you should.

Experience the power of comprehensive planning.

Welcome to JFL Total Wealth Management

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